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A few years ago, those who had a large territory and financial condition could install their own pool at home. But today there are a large number of types and models of pools, from which you can choose the perfect pool, both for your wallet and for your site.
On the one hand, your own pool requires time and money to maintain it, but on the other hand, the benefits that it provides more than cover all costs.
A private pool will decorate your house or cottage and give an unforgettable vacation. In it you can go in for swimming and water sports, play various games with your children, such a vacation has a positive effect on the emotional state, in addition, it has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, strengthens muscles, calms the nervous system and acts as a guarantor of good health.

The installation of a stationary pool is carried out at a specific place without the possibility of its further transfer. The most popular bowl materials are polypropylene and composite material.

The pool from polypropylene easily maintains differences of temperatures and negative influence of external environment. It is also distinguished by simple and quick installation, retains the heat of water for a long time, is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, corrosion processes and deformations. It is easy to connect additional equipment to the polypropylene bowl (heat pump, lighting, counterflow).

Composite pool is made by lamination method – applying layers on a matrix, which allows to achieve an effective design and strength of a solid bowl. Its surface is resistant to cracks, scratches and reagents, retains its appearance for decades. The pool is steady against solar radiation, mechanical damages, any weather conditions. The monolithic container is light in weight, which allows for easy installation and transportation.

Undoubtedly, both a polypropylene and a composite pool will decorate your house or garden yard. There is nothing better than a daily swim in your own pool at the height of summer, away from the hustle and bustle, without restrictions and at any convenient time.
A private pool is a great place to entertain the whole family, as well as an indispensable purchase for relaxing body and soul. A private swimming pool will enhance the quality of life. You will always find a reason to organize a party or holiday, inviting your friends and acquaintances for active recreation.

Most importantly, daily swimming lessons will take care of your health and beauty!


How to choose the perfect swimming pool for your home? – Image 1You have decided to buy a pool, but have not yet decided which one.

In order to choose the right and functional pool, answer yourself a few questions. Why do you need a pool (for family holidays, for swimming, for “beauty”)? Stationary or temporary? For home or cottage? Large or small?

Let’s sort it out in order.

The modern market of the industry is filled with a wide range of products, which includes different types of pools. This, in any case, will help you find something suitable for yourself.

Let’s start with frame pools. These are prefabricated ground pools, which are ideal for installation in a country house or in your own yard. Their compact size allows you to fit even in a small area. Frame pools have a maximum depth of 1.2 m, which allows you to relax and swim with children without worrying about their safety.

Frame pools are great for those who plan to install a stationary pool in the future, but now need to somehow escape the heat or want to install a pool for the season.

Advantages of frame pools:

  • Affordable price
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Frost resistance
  • Ability to dismantle and install elsewhere
  • Possibility of installation in a small area
  • Possibility to install additional equipment.

Polypropylene pools are a classic. The main advantage of these pools is the material of manufacture.

Polypropylene has quality specifications:

  • Resistance to mechanical damage
  • Temperature resistance
  • Long period of operation
  • Color fastness

Also, polypropylene pools can be made in different shapes and sizes, with the exception of standard models.

By choosing the installation of a polypropylene pool, you are guaranteed a long period of operation.

Composite pools are the best solution to buy a ready-made pool. This is the most suitable option for those who know exactly what they want. You can choose among ready-made offers of shapes, sizes, options for stairs inside the pool.

Advantages of composite pools:

  • Strength
  • Bowl color fastness
  • Resistance to external damage
    bowl integrity
  • Attractive appearance

Also important is the choice of the size and shape of the pool. If you have a little free space on your site and you need a pool in order to take a dip and cool off on a hot summer day, then buy a small pool. If you need a pool to enjoy swimming, relax with children and friends, and keep fit, then you need to buy a full-size pool.

As for the shape of the pool, there are also several variations here. Rectangle – the classic shape of the pool. This form is typical mainly for composite and polypropylene pools.

This option is most suitable for outdoor activities in the water, swimming, especially if you have a lot of free space on the site.

The round bowl of the pool is suitable for small patios. It is also suitable for use by children as it has a safe shape and usually shallow depth.

The oval pool combines the advantages of round and rectangular pools – they are compact and at the same time roomy. Thanks to the elongated shape, you can freely swim, play water games or just take a dip.

Pool shape – rectangle Pool shape – circle Pool shape – oval