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Best$>PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board #93-793844 for Poly Units

PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board #93-793844 for Poly Units48gos

PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board #93-793844 for Poly Units

PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board #93-793844 for Poly Units.

PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board is an advanced version of its older generation for any PowerStar AE125 starting with serial number of 60A 800000 or Greater  which is used with Poly Units Tankless Water Heaters.  This is a Bosch tankless replacement part and it is non-refundable after delivery.   PowerStar AE125 is an Electric Tankless Water heater which is highly recommended to use for a whole house.  This is the best replacement unit for the conventional 40 gallon electric water heater.  PowerStar AE125 is can supply instant hot water service whenever it  is required and it will activate hot water condensation whenever there is a requirement sensed due to the inbuilt PCB circuit features.

Frequent upgradation of circuit board is always part of business because this is a must to do after collection of various market feedback and suggestions.  Sometimes recurring faults also lead to improve the circuit design.  The Tankless Water Heating system PowerStar AE125 also underwent various upgradations along with the PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board.   As everybody in the Tankless Water Heater market know the fact that previously PowerStar AE125 heaters were using copper canisters and in 2007 it were upgraded to Poly Units. The poly tanks are comparatively very durable than copper canisters and it has more expansion and contraction abilities.  Also it is not prone to mineral deposit built up.

The new PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board is an improved version of the older version and can be easily fitted with the new PowerStar AE125 Tankless Heater system.   The Tankless Heater System is 3 inch smaller than the previous model and is designed to fit with one major application and one sink at a time.  This is a recommended unit in Northern region of America, where the ground water is cooler than the rest of the area.  The sensor in the PCB will activate only when there is a demand of hot water is notified.  The Poly Units are fitted with the heating copper elements and can be mounted anywhere in the house.  Easy to assemble and light weight is the advantage of poly cabin is less in weight.

The PowerStar AE125 Poly Units has to be connected with copper water piping, with a minimum length of 3 to 4 feet and also copper water piping is required before connecting with any pex piping to resist the expansion of pipe.   The Tankless AE125 is a small device and good for home and apartments.   Hot water on demand is the plus point of this system and more improved features are incorporated in latest replacement PCB of PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board to give you an uninterrupted hot water service.  PowerStar AE125 can be fitted more than one place in the house, which can give instant hot water.  Since the unit is very small, it is easy to place in any convenient location house without interrupting the interior style.  Even if large central water heater is being in use, these instant Tankless water heaters are more convenient to have continued hot water, especially when your house is located in an extreme cold climate location.


PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board #93-793844 for Poly Units