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$Price Review Pentair 472100 DDTC Temp Control Board Assy Models+DDTC Controller


Pentair 472100 Digital Display Temperature Controller Board Replacement MiniMax NT Series Pool and Spa Heater

Pentair 472100 DDTC Temp.Control Board Assy.Models With DDTC Controller.

Those who love swimming might find it hard to go out in the pool when the weather is not suitable.  Then they can do nothing but wait for right season to come so that they can resume their favorite sport.  However, today with the advances in technology, they need not to worry anymore about the weather as a wide range of pool heaters are available are in the market.  One of the most recommended and widely used are the Pentair heaters fitted with Pentair 472100 DDTC Temp.Control Board Assy.  The functioning of this board is greatly enhanced by DDTC Controller.

Here we have to understand these both terms and how do these devices work.  Before understanding this, we need to know what a spa/pool heater is.  A spa/pool heater is device that is installed in a pool so as to heat up the water in it as per our requirements.  Theses heaters work efficiently and much more effectively when fitted with Pentair 472100 DDTC Temp.  Control Board Assy equipped and controlled by DDTC Controller. 

What is a Pentair 472100 DDTC Temp.  Control Board Assy?