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$Henny Penny Steamer Oven Pcb Control 42.00.002.




Cooking your own food is something sedulous and makes you spend most of your time in stirring, adding or removing pan covers, rearranging the food etc.  But here comes the latest innovation of Henny Penny steamer Oven with a work of automation and reduces the labor and supervision during cooking. The monetary combination ovens or otherwise called as steamers are one of the best occupier in a kitchen.  Henny Penny steamer ovens indulge you to cook a huge variety of foods right from pizza to nuggets.  To its supremacy, the steamer ovens nail down a perfect cooking atmosphere with programmable cooking options and steam added during your cooking.  As a sole owner of the oven, your food will not only looks yummy but also kindle your taste buds.

Moving towards the Advanced Steam technology:

An array of factors set Henny Penny’s Smart Combi oven as primo over other ovens on the market.  The most striking part of it is the advanced steam technology, a better method for generating relative moisture content and a cooking climate that bridges the gap between the boiler ovens and the poor steam generation system in boiler less systems.  The Henny Penny steam technology offers you the ability to prepare vast varieties of food items that makes other equipment such as grills, toasters, steamers and convection ovens obsolete.  Before purchasing the product it is wise to get to know the features behind the product.
The Striking key features:-

  • There are 4 cooking modes knowingly, Moist heat for steaming, Dry heat for Convection, Combination cooking and Rethermalizing
  • PCB control 42.00.002 operates with advanced steam technology
  • Wave clean automated cleaning system
  • With its sustainable design, long lasting parts with triple pane glass doors and patented AST heat exchange system & less consumption of power and the parts won’t get rusted not even 1%

An essential appliance for your furnished home:

As we are living in a world of modern technology, Henny Penny steamer oven PCB control 42.00.002 is one of the essential products you must have in these days at your home.  The product comes out with a dimension of 18x9x3 inches and it weighs 2.9 pounds.  It comes with the Model Number 44-1738.  An important feature to look over is that it has an auto-reversing fan that makes it unique in standard and using its latest technology, steam can be added at any time in varying amounts starting from the lower 1% to its highest.  Henny Penny also carries additional equipment that helps you to enjoy the full advantage of smart combi’s facilities and also it helps you retain flavor and freshness.  There are many positive reviews from the customers by its latest technology, time saving with low operational cost.  If you like to have the product online you can go for variety of  choices through on line shopping via Amazon or eBay for the PCB control 42.00.002.The UNSPSC code is 39121601 and EAN is 0204417380445.So spare your time to get shopping the product and you can avail the discount and economic benefits.  As we are running like a busy bee in the modern world with short of time, this Henny Penny could be your perfect choice to cook quickly with minimum labor with maximum productivity, so be wise to choose the required size based on your volume and capacity with menu variability.