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Hayward GLX-PCB-PRO.



Hayward GLX-PCB-MAIN Main PCB Replacement for All Hayward Goldline Aqua Logic Automation and Chlorination

Hayward Goldline Aqua Logic automation chlorination paves the way to manage all the control necessary to create the ultimate pool experience.  It is a multifunction pool controller to manage your pool and spa system as a whole.  The Aqua logic control pumps, valves, lighting, heaters and chlorination.  It is designed to handle the purification needs of most residential swimming pools up to 40,000 gallons and also meets the need of commercial pools up to 25,000 gallons.  The actual amount of chlorination required to properly sanitize a pool varies due to several factors like bather load, rainfall temperature and the pool’s cleanliness.  If you have a pool larger than 40,000 gallons, the Aqua Logic can control one or more Gold line Aqua Rite chlorinators to punch up chlorine production and if your heater needs a PCB replacement you can go for Hayward GLX-PCB-PRO Main PCB.

Automatic system operation:

Hayward Goldline Aqua Logic controls most of your pools equipment instinctively to save your time in the pool.  It is programmed to operate on a time clock basis.  Additionally, pool and spa settings on temperature and chlorinator settings can be programmed.  It can be done either through the main display or the keypad located at the pool equipment pad or the in-home remote display.

Aqua logic chlorination and automation:

Hayward Gold line Aqua Logic is equipped with AQL-CL chlorination kit helps you in automatic chlorine generation system for pool and spa sanitization.  If you would like to enable the operation, you require a low concentration of salt likely sodium chloride in the water.  The Aqua logic automatically converts the salt into free chlorine which kills the micro organisms in the pool water.  Chlorine will recur to sodium chloride after destroying the bacteria.  It goes continuously recycle and at the same time it prevents the need to add sanitizing chemicals to your pool.  The one and only time you may need to add more salt to the pool is when water is to be stocked up due to backwashing and draining

Mugs and chronicles about the product:

In Hayward Gold line Aqua logic automation and chlorination, the Prime PCB is equipped to use with all Hayward Aqua logic automation and chlorination with models AQL-PS-4, AQL-PS-8, AQL-PS-16-V, AQL-PS-16.  There are numerous positive feedbacks and reviews from the buyers that the product is something noteworthy and also people appreciate the reasonable price and it is a valid indication of the quality and reliability.  It comes out with an array of functions that are user-friendly.  You won’t find it difficult to operate it.

  • Automatic recycling and heater setting
  • Can carry out multiple functions from a single button
  • Controls filter pump up to 15 auxiliary high voltage functions
  • It uses Color logic Led lights
  • Controls 2-speed and booster pumps 1% each
  • The parts can be replaced and operated manually.

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Hayward GLX-PCB-MAIN Main PCB Replacement for All Hayward Goldline Aqua Logic Automation and Chlorination