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$Best>PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board 93-793778 for Copper Can Units


PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board #93-793778 for Copper Can Units

PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board #93-793778 for Copper Can Units.

PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board is a replacement Power Circuit Board for PowerStar AE125 starting with a serial number of 60A 000000 or below.  The PowerStar AE125 Power Circuit Board with No. 93-793778 is used Copper Canisters Units in AE 125.  The PCB 125 printed circuit board is used to regulate the thermostatic condition of tankless water heater generally used for instant hot water.  The temperature with the help of this printed board would be manually controlled and maintained between 86-131 degrees.

The Copper Canister Units in a tankless heating system will have single phase electric power copper heating elements to supply hot water when it is required.  Tankless water heaters are much in demand today due to its popularity as it can offer continuous flow of hot water on demand.  It is instantaneous as the water heats up the moment it flow through the Copper Canister Units.   The advantage of this mechanism is that there is no need to store the water except the place where the heat exchange coil is placed.   Copper heat exchangers are fitted in the Copper Canister Units and this will generate the heat and thus the water flows over the device will get heated up.

PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board is manufactured to be used in Copper Can Units.   This is a supreme product and priced economically cheaper.  Shipped free of cost and all parts required for the installation are included in the package.   No refund is available once the product is sold out.   But the PCB AE125 is considered as the best replacement PCB for your electric storage tank water heater.   The PCB also can be used for the tankless water heater replacement Printed Circuit Board and can be installed easily anywhere.  It is simple to use, people with little technical/electrical wiring knowledge can undertake the replacement job.

It works smoothly and reduces the cost of electricity bill by reducing the energy consumption being utilized by the copper elements fitted inside the Copper Canister Units.  The PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board is designed to work perfectly well and guaranteed to provide long lasting service.  It can effectively control the flow of electric energy to the copper elements and regulate the heat at the time of requirements.  The features acts like a responsive mechanism and sense the heat requirements and activate the energy mode.  The thermal cut out switch provided with the PCB enhances the safety features of the tankless water heater.   This in turn extends the life of heating elements and avoids frequent replacement.

ith the installation of PowerStar AE125 PCB Control Board for your Copper Canister Units, you shall be saving a quite lot of energy bills and frequent break downs.   The PCB AE125 fitted tankless heater can be installed anywhere at your home.  Also it is to be noted that new AE12B PCB has significant improvement than its previous models of PCB AE125.   The overall height of the unit is reduced by 3 inches due to the redesigning of the PCB board.  The PCB AE125 is designed to use only cold water.