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Best$>Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium Pool Heat Pump

Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium
Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium

Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium


Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU

Your swimming pool can serve you during the hot as well as the cold season. But, to enjoy the water when the temperatures are their lowest, you will need a pool heater. Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium is must-have equipment. It combines compact design, quite operation and high resistance, to accord you unmatched performance. The equipment is capable of heating your pool water evenly, for you and your family to enjoy comfortably. It is one heater that has changed the way people perceive swimming as an exercise during the winter or any cold day. Let’s shed some light on this pool heater.

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What does it offer?

  • The pool heater from Hayward has been built with the latest technology, to work on all kinds of swimming pools. It can be used in any part of the world as long as you want to keep you pool at the right heat temperature. It is has proven effective and efficient for different swimming pool sizes. The heater owes its performance to a couple of features including:
  • Compact design

The Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium features a compact design. The small design does not take up much space in your storage room. It is also lightweight, which makes handling it an easy task. Besides, the lightness and the compact design, allow you to install the equipment or maintain it with ease.

  • Titanium heat exchanger

The most striking feature and the main backbone of this heater, is the titanium heat exchanger. Forget the gas or electric pumps, which take your power bills to the roof during summer. This heater uses the exchanger and the outdoor air, to raise the temperature of your swimming pool.

  • Electronic LED control panel

The pool heater also comes with an LED control panel, from where you can take the temperature readings. To prevent the readings from being disrupted, there is a frost control. The display is easy to view and acts automatically, which eases the operation of the entire pool heater.

  • Corrosion resistant- ultra gold evaporator coil fin

The pH of water and its composition varies from one geographical area to another. Coastal environments for instance are harsher. To stand such extreme conditions, the evaporator coil fin is coated, to bar it from corroding.  Coastal waters tend to have high concentrations of salt. This can shorten the lifespan of the evaporator coil, if it is not protected against corrosive agents.

  • Quiet operation

The Hayward pool heater has a profiled fan blade, which enhances airflow. This allows for smooth operation of the equipment. There are also compressor covers, which reduce the decibels produced, when the heat pump is in operation. It is quieter than any other natural gas pool heater, you will find in the market. Expect to hear no buzzing sound from the equipment. You can leave it to run overnight.

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Reasons you should buy the Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium

  • It is easy to install.

As long as you have some technical ability, the unit should not take you long to install. Make use of the manual, which comes with the package and you will be done within minutes. If you cannot understand how to do it properly hire a local

  • Works fast

The pool heater from Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium is able to achieve the desired temperature range, within a couple of hours upon first time installation. You simply connect it to your pool and it will work instantly.

  • Its silent while heating

The unit works silently. This is a plus especially if you have to leave it overnight. You will not need to worry about being disturbed by the roaring heat pump. This is all thanks to the acoustic compressor covers.

  • Works in big pools

It is designed for large pools that hold huge amount of water. The heater will produce even heating in the entire pool.

  • The design is excellent and classy

The pool heater has a compact design. Hence, it will comfortably fit in the remaining space in your garage. The design also makes it easy for you to move the equipment around. The unit weighs less than 250 pounds.

  • Good for your pocket

It is economical to use and will not increase your power bills. The heater uses the titanium heat exchanger together with the outdoor air. Hence, it cuts your gas usage by around 80%. You will save a lot but still enjoying warm for a dip in the afternoon or during the evening after work.

  • Made of high quality material

The fan is coated with vinyl, to protect it against debris and other elements. Debris and other particles, which might be present in your pool, may lower the performance of the pool heater.

What are its cons?

  • The heater is not as effective as the gas heat pumps. However, if you just want your swimming pool to heat up to around 80 temperatures and time is not a priority, the Hayward HP21404T Heat Pro 140000 BTU Ahri Pool Heater, will do just fine.
  • It is a bit expensive. Hence, if you have a smaller pool, this heater is not a feasible solution for you.

Where to use the Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium

         The Hayward pool heater is designed to heat up water up to 140000 BTU. It is therefore suited for pool and spa uses. The heater can be used in large swimming pools both at home and in commercial recreation establishments.  With this heat pump, your pool can serve on sunny days and in times of extreme weather.

How to maintain the Hayward 140000 BTU pool heater

                You do not need to be a professional to know how to maintain the BTU pool heater.  Always ensure that the heat pump is in good condition. That is there is no debris or solid particles attaching themselves on its blade. If not in use, do not leave it under water. This will help to lengthen its usage.

               Furthermore, Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium, costs a significant amount of money. If you really felt the effect, you might understand the importance of keeping it in good condition. The best way to do this is by keeping your pool clean. The fewer pollutants your pricey equipment has to encounter, the more it will serve you.

             Most pools are located under or are surrounded by shrubs and trees. Hence, leaves and other debris often find their way into the pool. There is no need of having a large swimming pool, if it is full of filth.  Fortunately, there are great products and tools, out there in the market, which you can use to clean your pool. Remember that apart from protecting your Hayward HP21404T Heat Pro 140000 BTU Ahri Pool Heater, it also prevents your family from waterborne diseases.

                You can opt for DIY cleaning or call for professional assistance. However, the kind of cleaning products and tools, you will need will be determined by the type of the swimming pool, above ground or in ground. It will also depend on its size, the amount of sludge and the plumbing system that is in place. In addition, your budget will also matter significantly. DIY cleaning is the most affordable but you must be ready to be tired and soiled at the same time. Hand vacuuming is the most appropriate method in this case.  This takes more than an hour and you will need to repeat the process every week.  If you are not up to the task, consider hiring the services of a professional cleaner. This comes at a price but in the end, you will have a clean and a safe pool for your heater and your family.

                If you can remember your elementary science well, impurities derail boiling point of the water. Hence, if your water is clean, your heater will work fast and efficiently.

Saving costs of your swimming pool

                 Maintaining a swimming pool is never a cheap venture. However, it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. On the other hand, you should not let the weather to dictate when to enjoy your pool. With this Hayward Heat Pro pool heater, you can prolong your season of being in the pool.  But, if you are not careful, its use may make your power bills to skyrocket. Fortunately, there is a way you can trim down your swimming pool expenses.

               It will be more efficient to run the heater, when you want to use the pool. Therefore, if you plan to be in the pool during the weekends, there is no need of keeping the heater on, throughout the week.  You can simply turn the machine on Friday night and by Saturday morning, the pool will be ready for you. This way, you will cut the amount of energy the heater uses and at the same time, prolong its lifespan.

             Using a pool cover can help you to save energy. How does this work? The pool cover can help keep the temperature of the pool at a standard range such that you will not need to heat it more the next time you are using it.  This trick can even help to give an unheated swimming pool, stable temperature. Besides, the pool cover prevents water loss through evaporation. However, it should be noted that the main issue here is not water loss but energy loss. From the experts, every gallon that evaporates takes with it about 6000 BTU.  As you can see, the pool cover is not for those who do not use heaters but for everybody who want to save on their swimming pool expenses.

Where to buy Hayward HP21404T Heat Pro 140000 BTU Ahri Pool Heater

             You can buy the Hayward Heat Pro 140000 BTU pool heater from stores offline and online. The choice on whether to buy online or from your local stores lies squarely on you. Nonetheless, buying online is a more convenient way of shopping. Hayward the manufacturer of this advanced pool heater has an established store online. You can also buy from other ecommerce sites including Amazon.

                 The beauty with buying online is that you can make your purchase from your home as long as you have an internet-enabled device. All you have is to fill in the order form and the item will be shipped to you within a few business days.  Buying online can also allow you to enjoy discounted prices, you might be lucky to benefit from promotions, coupons and other sale offers.  But, make sure that you buy from reliable stores, this way you can be assured that you are buying Hayward Heat Pro 140000 BTU. Buying locally can waste your time or you might end up paying more. Why go through the hustle of moving from one store to another, when you can shop right from the comfort of your couch.

                    Unless you live in the tropics, pool heating will be necessary. Do not be tied down by the demands of the weather. You do not have to enjoy your pool seasonally. You can change the ambience of your swimming pool with the Hayward HP21404T Heat Pro 140000 BTU Ahri Pool Heater. The heater is designed with ingenious technology, to maintain a favorable pool temperature for you and your family. It operates on a quiet mode and its energy efficiency is amazing. In addition, it will fit anywhere you place it, since it has a compact design. However, it is a bit expensive but in the long term, it is a worthy investment.


Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU

$best Price> Sta-Rite SR200LP Max-E-Therm Black Propane

Sta-Rite SR400LP48gos

Sta-Rite SR400LP Max-E-Therm Pool And Spa Heater, Propane, 400,000 BTU

Sta-Rite SR400LP , SR200LP , SR333LP Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heater, Propane is one of the newest invention on the market today. The machine features a weather-proof frame which is not affected by the seasonal changes that accompany the revolution of the earth. There is no need to replace the parts as everything will still be intact by the time twelve months are over. The control devices are easier to work with as very little effort is required to operate. In addition, you do not require training in order to utilize it. All you have to do is to strictly cohere to the instructions that come along with it and after two or three times of employment, you would have mastered everything. The amount you would otherwise have employed a professional personnel can be put on other important uses.

Most machines work against the environmental conservation requirements as they produce harmful products into the space. This is contrary to this Pool and Spa Heater as it has been proved environmentally friendly. The exhaust gases emitted are treated first and hence conscientious to the surrounding. If you are a person who cares about tomorrow, this is the machine to go for. It is easy to buy it. Simply log into any of the online selling sites, make the necessary comparisons regarding the designs and the cost prices from various sites and thereafter, click on the “buy it” button. You will get an automatic response from the seller directing you on how to go about it. You will not wait long before you will have it delivered at your place of residence. The machine is good for both outdoor and indoor uses and for both large and small size swimming pools, and hence, it is highly flexible.

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Currently, the cost price has greatly been reduced to favor all the customers especially those at the average economic level. The price has been cut down from the initial 2,947.77 dollars to about 2,183.53 dollars plus an additional 8.09 dollars as the shipping costs. This cost applies at Amazon but all other online stores have approximately equal prices to sustain competition. As a customer, you will therefore save 26% of the initial cost price. This amount can be employed in purchasing other crucial items that help to ameliorate the economic status of the buyer. With this in mind, you cannot be an exemption. Hurry up and make your order today and enjoy the usual timely delivery. It is easy to regulate the temperature ranges of the machine in the course of its operation using the LED readouts and the two thermostat regulators. In addition, it reaches its optimum heating point quite faster than other pool heaters.

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The compact design of the equipment is essential as it makes it more portal than those that are weightier and large sized. Only a single person is required to transport it from one location to the next. This in conjunction with the light weight feature, allow easier transportation. It can fit in a number of transportation modes including vehicles and trains. Moreover, this design is also paragon for retroactive-fit installation. The equipment is highly efficient such that the user only utilizes the minimum effort. The efficiency rate is 84%. This is a great percentage that places the machine at the top of the highest energy effectiveness. Sta-Rite SR400LP Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heater, Propane is certified for small NOx emissions and it also weathers the elements.

When you talk of the most durable machines, you cannot miss to mention Sta-Rite SR400LP Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heater, Propane. The rustproof housing sleek ensures that the device does not rust when the parts get in contact with water. You are therefore assured of a long service time with minimal maintenance costs. Its matte black casing is fabricated from Dura-glass. This explains why this heater has an attractive and most estimable appearance. It gives a royal taste to the house. Furthermore, the glass also takes care of the heat to ensure one has a favorable working environment. You have no reason why you have not yet acquired one? It is not too late. You can make your request to any of the stores at the comfort of your home through your computer. Payment is also made online through PayPal. This is relatively cheaper compared to other payment methods where one has to make physical contact with the seller. These methods are known to impose heavy taxes to the customers and you should therefore, avoid them as much as possible. PayPal is an online method where there is no physical handling of the cash. This is the safest method which you can trust. Alternatively, you can opt to employ other online payment systems such as Skrill which are equally cheaper. This means that you have a wide variety to choose from.

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There are multiple designs of the similar machine from which one can compare before coming up with the final decision. This averts us from purchasing things that might later disappoint us. If your taste is not in the display, that is not the end of it all. There is another option for you- you can request for a custom contrive that meets your personal requirements. Simply contact the customer care workers for clarification and you will be directed on how to go about it. The workforce are friendly, cooperative and always willing to give a hand for whatever request you might want to make. In fact, there is a space at the end of every dealer’s website page where you can leave your comment on what can be improved with regards to this heating system.

At the company and on other online selling stores, you will also find other peripherals that are normally bought together with the heater at an affordable price. For instance, if you have 26.95 dollars more, you will get home together with an Intermatic 156T4042A Fireman for Pool/Spa Heater. These are best-selling deals that you cannot afford to miss. Become part of those who are currently enjoying the services of the Therm Pool and Spa Heater. After purchasing it, you will be happy to swim in warm pool water. Have your pool heated throughout the heater at a sensible cost.

There are various shipping diversities that are attached to this equipment. For instance, it is well-disposed for domestic shipping which applies to only individuals who are based within the United States of America. Another important aspect is that, it also alternatively ideal for international shipping in regions that are outside the U.S.A. However, if you choose on the latter aspect, you will have to meet these costs as they are not at the expense of the company.

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Factors to consider when purchasing Sta-Rite SR400LP Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heater, Propane

Every buyer needs to be well versed with the most important aspects that one needs to focus before deciding to make the purchase. With good mastery of these factors, you will be able to conduct a sound buying of the machine without facing major challenges. You therefore need to take them seriously.

The design and color choice

Some people are more obsessed with certain colors and designed than others. The design affects the efficiency with which one works. Are you intimate to one of these? Here is your time to learn how to go about it the next time you make the purchase. Otherwise you might end up with something that will not impress you. In relation to this, one can also inquire for a custom design by simply sending an order to the manufacturer. There is no limitation to the number of packages one can purchase.

The purchase cost

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Before you can move a notch higher and make an order, you need to compare the prices on various online selling stores before coming up with the ultimate conclusion. Most people prefer cheaper prices of the similar products as they will save a given amount. After you are certain of the price, the next task is to look for the cash and have it ready before you can make the final step. It is only after this that you can click on the “buy it” button to make the purchase. Nonetheless, you should take caution on those that have extremely cheaper marked prices as the quality might be compromised.


It is important that one should consider the power of the machine to resist stress or generally, its lastingness. How can you get to know this? It is easy. Visit the official web page of the company and at the bottom side, skim through the customer’s comments. If most of the previews are positive, you can conclude that the equipment is effective and competent.

The presence of spare parts

This is a very important factor to put in mind before one can forge ahead to pay for the machine. Are there spare parts within your vicinity? If the answer is “no” then it is advisable not to continue with the process. Fortunately for Sta-Rite SR400LP Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heater, Propane, you will access multiple online stores with a wide array of spare parts.


As for Sta-Rite SR400LP Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heater, Propane, the customer always enjoys a one year limited warranty. This is essential as it covers up the client from facing the additional charges that might occur due to initial damages. If the product does not have a warranty in a certain store, leave it and go for the one with it on another alternative selling store. The longer the warranty, the better the product.

Advantages of these machine

Since multiple people are now making use of the machine, this directly proves the fact that it comes along with many advantages. As a potent buyer, you need to be equipped with all these in mind as they form your ultimate expectations once you have purchased it. Below are the key merits to focus on:


As seen earlier, this Pool and Spa heater is highly efficient. It has a quiet operation and therefore, one is able to work without distraction. There are no frequent break downs since it is fabricated from durable materials such as Dura-glass. Another great advantage attached to this is that, one it operates at a faster rate, that is, it can easily raise the temperature of the entire pool from 40 degrees centigrade to 100 degrees centigrade within a stich of time. Moreover, a lot of energy is also saved hence, the total monthly electric bills are minimized.

Saves on time

Time is a valuable factors in our lives. The current technological advancements demand that we should be able to utilize as little time as possible and utilize the rest on other important activities. Due to its highest operating rate, the machine only takes a short period of time to maximize on its effects. This is unlike other machines which operate at a slower speed. With it, you will be able to finish the tasks on time and be able to have ample rest or do other significant chores.

Low maintenance costs

The only cash one has to spend is the initial purchase price. Once this is done, you will enjoy working with this advanced energy saving and efficacious invention of this contemporary period. In most cases, one needs to store it properly, replace the work out or broken parts and paint it in case of rusting attack. All these activities are relatively cheaper as one requires only a little capital.

Easy to operate

One does not have to look for an expert to operate the machine on his or her behalf. The manufacturer’s instructions that accompany it are acquit. They are crafted in a simple language that everyone can apprehend. This is enough guide for any kind of rooky or those that might have forgotten how to operate. Strict adherence to the instructions is recommended for appropriate and optimum working. If you are unsure, you can seek clarification from the primary manufacturing company through posting on their wall. You are assured of a prompt positive feedback from the highly skilled workforce.


Sta-Rite SR400LP Max-E-Therm Pool And Spa Heater, Propane, 400,000 BTU

Hayward Super Pump Seal Replacement VIDEO GUIDE

Hayward Super Pump Seal Replacement.
Hayward Super Pump Seal Replacement.

Hayward Super Pump Seal Replacement. good job and fix my pumps

Hayward Super Pump Seal Replacement VIDEO GUIDE

Summer is just around the corner. Hopefully this video will assist someone repairing their Hayward pool pump.
The video shows how to remove the a A.O.Smith pump motor, and the steps involved to replace the mechanical seal so they dont miss a single day of summer fun! Hayward Super Pump Seal Replacement VIDEO GUIDE