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Best$>Hayward EC75 Extended Cycle DE in Ground Pool Filter System

Hayward EC75 Extended48gos

Hayward EC75 Extended Cycle DE In Ground Pool Filter System

Hayward EC75 Extended Cycle DE in Ground Pool Filter System with 1 HP Pump is one of the most recent inventions specifically fabricated for you. If you have not yet purchased ne, it is high time that you should put efforts together and acquire one. It is efficient and highly durable. It features a maximum pool of 38,400 gallons in size. This is a good size for you. It can be employed on an 8 hour turnover basis. To add on, the pump is also convertible and works at 110 or 220 volts electric power. As a matter of fact, this special invention is made from U.S.A by a team of experienced and highly qualified workforce. This attributes to its lifelong service. The pump features a self-ventilating contrive which expels any available air which might be present in the pumping system. This greatly saves on time and one uses less effort. The single handle is designed to actuate the pumping mechanism causing the Flex pipes to clean themselves instantly and consistently clean themselves.

With Hayward EC75 Extended Cycle DE in Ground Pool Filter System with 1 HP Pump under your disposal, you will enjoy clean pool water and this will curb you from water-borne diseases which might otherwise arise due to lack of regular cleaning. The filter permeates out even the most minute dirt particles from the water that might otherwise go through the sand. In addition, pollen grains and dust that might have gotten their way into the water are filtered out. This a complete assurance that you are swimming in the cleanest water and therefore, there is no need of worrying. The pump system is unparalleled as it provides the user with long filter rounds between backwashing. There is no technical skills required when you want employ the services of the machine. All you are required to do is to have effort and bump the handle of the device to spread the DE machine and you will be set to commence filtering process. The key reason why most clients would come back for another DE machine after their first purchase is that, backwash is usually cut down during the redistribution process hence enabling recycling of the machine. You can employ it as multiple times as possible provided that you give it good maintenance services such as regular cleaning and appropriate storage after use. You do not have to spend tons of money on maintenance. The recycling process is efficacious as it carries through many gallons of your pool water. Yu therefore do not have to refill the pool each and every time. You will be able to save your productive time in doing other valuable income earning activities s that aid to ameliorate your economy and prevent you from financial stress. The money which could have been spend on refilling the pool can as well be employed in purchasing other important items.

As mentioned earlier, the machine is effective for use with the maximum sized pool. You do not need an extra device as this is sufficient. You are able to maintain your 8 hour bowl over rate for a 38,400 gallon size pool. Those who have enjoyed working with it before have lots of testimonies concerning its competence working. One other important feature of Hayward EC75 Extended Cycle DE in Ground Pool Filter System with 1 HP Pump is that it is corrosion proof. That is, it is not affected by rusting eve when immersed in water. This is unlike other pumping systems which are always attacked by corrosion, hence become useless after only a short period of time. In such a situation, you will be forced to carry out regular replacement of parts and even to purchase another entire system. However, with DE, all these extra costs are curbed.

The machine is comprised of a steady rust proof poly base that will not give you headache when you embark on the pool cleaning exercise. Once it touches the surface, you will enjoy working with it up to the end of the work. Relative to other machines, you will face imbalanced base which in turn upshots to reduced working rate. Are you wondering where you can access the machine? It is easy. Simply visit any of the online selling stores such as Amazon and search for the item. You will be availed to a wide array of similar machine with variable color patterns and designs. This is worth for you as you can compare the various models in terms of color, size and designs before deciding on your ultimate taste. Similarly, the fact that the machine is put on sell by multiple firms means that one can compare the prices from various stores and choose on the one that offers the least purchase cost. Unlike offline stores, you will save much energy which you could otherwise spend on travelling to physically see the machines. The beauty with it is that everything is done at the comfort of one’s home. You only need to have a laptop or a Smart Phone.


Hayward EC75 Extended Cycle DE In Ground Pool Filter System

Best$>hayward cartridge filter c4030 SwimClear

hayward cartridge filter c4030 SwimClear
hayward cartridge filter c4030 SwimClear


Hayward C4030 425 Square Foot SwimClear Cartridge Filter

When you build a pool in your premises, its your wish to have it at the best possible condition always. This is not the case all the time especially if the pool happens to be outdoors. There will be dirt and other elements such as leaves floating all on the water. This in many cases and for a long time has been a source of distress for many swimming pool owners. It makes the swimming pool look terrible and creates an environment for small insects to live. Nobody wants to swim in such water and if left without proper care the pool can become unusable. Today, with the innovation of new technology, you have a great chance of ensuring your swimming pool is free of debris, dirt and any other unwanted stuff. Moreover with the use of the Hayward C4030 425 Square Foot SwimClear Cartridge Filter, you don’t have to worry about the tiresome and time consuming process of cleaning a pool. It works efficiently and you can use it any time of the day.

The hayward cartridge filter c4030 SwimClear is a filter that has not users down and those who have installed it in the swimming pools love it. It is a filter that cleans your pool within a short time and does it thoroughly leaving the water crystal clear. The good thing about this swimming pool equipment is that it comes with four polyester cartridge elements which are reusable and give 425 square foot solid dirt holding capacity. You can use it a whole season without thinking of replacing the cartridges. If you swimming pool is not located in an area where dirt gets into the water easily, you can go for weeks without need to clean it after using this filter.  The filter is that effective. It can be used on swimming pools and spas and is very easy to install.

Features :

  • Its non-corrosive

The obvious concern of many swimming pool owners is whether the filter they are buying can withstand the humidity and the corrosion that comes with it. With the Hayward C4030 you don’t have to worry about that as it has a non-corrosive top closure plate.

  • Effective filtering

The top plate has been designed to ensure that the elements stay in place and don’t lift thus allowing unfiltered water to by-pass the pool and into the pool.

  • Excellent performance

The Hayward C4030 425 Square Foot SwimClear Cartridge Filter comes with 2” full flow internal piping. The plumbing also comes with the same measurements and this makes whole system highly efficient in terms of water flow resistant and this means maximum performance for filter and the pool by extension.

  • Well constructed system

The integral drain system is built such that it offers 100% clean out and flushing of the tank. The measurement of the piping is 1.5”.

  • Its portable due to its light weight

The measurements of the hayward cartridge filter c4030 SwimClear Cartridge Filter are 24 x 24 x 40.5”.The shipping weight of the filter however increases to 82.3 pounds. The overall weight of the equipment is 69 pounds. This makes it easy to carry around and even install.

  • Reusable cartridges

It comes with a full cluster of four cartridge elements which are reusable and which are made using polyester. This feature makes it effective in cleaning almost any size of a swimming pool or spa easily. There is a self assigned tank bottom and top which makes the serving of the quad-cluster TM cartridge elements easy and very fast.

The cartridge elements are designed to give an effective dirt and debris accommodation which in turn means that you don’t have to empty the filter every other time the filter cleans the pool. The filter has a holding capacity of over 425 square foot of dirt.

  • Durability

The hayward cartridge filter c4030 SwimClear Cartridge Filter tank is made using durable glass which is reinforced with co-polymer. This ensures that the filter is hard and able to cope even with the harshest environments such as in floor cleaning systems.

  • Quick and effective

The filter employs the 2 and 21/2” coupling connection for effective and plumbing effectiveness. The filter comes with a manual high capacity air relief rapid air release valve which releases air with a very fast turn of the lever. It filters water at a rate of 150GPM. This would mean that for a middle sized pool, it would take the filter anything between 7 and 12 hours.

Using the filter

  • Hayward C4030 425 Square Foot SwimClear Cartridge Filter will be very effective if your swimming pool is in-ground. Your pool can be as large as 90,000 gallons.
  • It is also ideal if you using it for the combination of in-ground pool and spa.
  • All manner of in-ground spas whether commercial or private will be served well by Hayward C4030 425 Square Foot SwimClear Cartridge Filter.

How to maintain this filter

This filter is generally designed to ensure that any dirt particles that try to pass through it are captured. For this reason, it has a larger holding capacity than the other filters such as the sand filters. The fact that it’s holding area is large which helps in the reduction of water clogs. This makes it very easy to clean.

This cartridge filter is designed to work at a low pressure. This means that there will be little backpressure on the pump and this allows a greater flow through it. It is therefore important to ensure that the pump works under the manufacturers ideal conditions of operating it.

Maintaining the Hayward C4030 425 Square Foot SwimClear Cartridge Filter is easy and cheap because all you need is a detergent and water. You can use a garden hose and a detergent to clean the filter while not having the need to dismantle it. There are no instructions from a manual that you should read when it comes to cleaning the filter.

If overworked either, its speed get low and it may take longer than usual to complete a task. To rectify, this, you will need to empty it. If there is any derailment in the way the filter is operating, you can always call the customer service team of the manufacturer or simply consult a local expert who has experience in dealing with the hayward cartridge filter c4030 SwimClear.

The Hayward C4030 425 Square Foot SwimClear Cartridge Filter is great because it can work for hours without need to empty it. However, for maximum positive results, you should ensure that every now and then the filter is emptied. You can have the filter cleaned after two months to prevent it from falling back on giving you that sparkling water in your swimming pool.

The benefits of using the hayward cartridge filter c4030 SwimClear.

There are numerous benefits that comes riding with the use of this filter and which include;

Works for medium and small sized swimming pools

The main advantage that comes with using this filter is that you can use it on almost any size of a swimming pool or spa. If you have a 20,000 gallons pool or a 90,000 gallons pool, this is the filter that guarantees you excellent sparkling water at all times throughout any season.

The Hayward C4030 is simple in the way it has been designed. This makes it practical in that you can carry it around without any fuss and even store it in your basement without it taking a lot of space.

Fast and efficient

The efficiency of the Hayward C4030 425 Square Foot SwimClear Cartridge Filter is also something to take pride of if you are the owner. It cleans the pool within a few hours. Once you have cleaned the swimming pool for the first time, the other cleaning sessions will be taking an amazingly short time.

Works smoothly

The use of large coupling connections (2” and 2 1/2”) as well as the large piping of 2” means that there will be not clogging of the filter. This on its own ensures that the pump runs smoothly for long and without any risk of having debris blocking the internal system.

Easy to install

The installation of the filter is simple and you will love it from the word go. It comes with an easy to understand manual which makes it possible to have an easy DIY installation and maintenance system. The instruction manual is without complicated and out of this world jargons.

Easy to use

Unlike some water cartridge filters, the hayward cartridge filter c4030 SwimClear Cartridge Filter comes with all the necessary add-ons. There is single connecting coupling or pipe that you will be forced to buy. All the valves and other accessories have been included in the package. All that is left for you to do is to read the instruction user manual and have the filter up and running. The other benefit that you will appreciate about this filter is that it comes with all the gauges. These gauges help you in not only operating the equipment but also in ensuring that you do not make mistakes.

Long lasting filter

The durability is always something that a customer will factor in when buying a filter. As for the hayward cartridge filter c4030 SwimClear, there is no doubt that you are going to enjoy it for a long time. The normal lifespan of the filter is around 5 years. However, you must maintain properly for it function perfectly through the years.. The parts installed on the filter are durable starting with the reusable polyester cartridge elements all the way to the piping system.

Perfect for domestic or commercial use

You can use the filter in a commercial setup or even a private home. It is literary a hardy equipment that can handle almost any other environment that you can think of.

Comes with a warranty

The manufacturer backs the filter with a warranty against poor workmanship and substandard materials. You can therefore rest assured of getting super equipment that gives you sparkling pool water at all times. Don’t forget that the manufacturer gives you the filter plus a strong support team to help you with any issues that you might encounter. The support team ensures that you are able to install it properly. The team is always happy to receive feedback which can help the company improve on the product and make your life enjoyable around the pool.

Good for both small and medium swimming pools

It is important to note that the Hayward C4030 425 Square Foot hayward cartridge filter c4030 SwimClear is designed to help you clean any in-ground swimming pool of a reasonable size. There are times that you might be tempted to use the filter for larger that specified capacity by the manufacturer. While it will handle this huge task almost effortlessly, not that with the prolonged stretching of its capacity, you risk destroying it. It is therefore critical for the total enjoyment of the filter both in quality and durability to ensure that performs as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Unique filter

Compared to the many cartridge filters in the market today, you will find this filter cool to operate and enjoyable own. Cleaning the elements is extremely easy and this is what many other filters fail to give the buyers. With the Norly bulkhead which serves to strengthen the filter and also help in heat resistance, you have yourself one of the most sturdy pool equipment that anyone could ask for. The pricing of the filter is definitely the one factor that makes owning it all the more worthwhile.


Hayward C4030 425 Square Foot SwimClear Cartridge Filter